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To create packaging that is "Art" it is important to work with artists.  For our first product launch,

the Ocean Collection, we wanted to stay true to our roots.  Being a company founded in the

panhandle of Florida it was important to us to represent the inspiration behind this first collection

and we accomplished this through our package design.  We worked with a local photographer to come up with stunning imagery of the world-class coastline we are fortunate enough to call home.

Jonah Allen's work truly captures the serenity and beauty of our little neck of the woods.  After all, it is the beautiful oceans that Lastrå is most passionate about protecting.  

All Lastrå packaging will be as thoughtfully designed and manufactured as the product that it contains.  We hope that you will find the packaging as beautiful as we do, and that you will keep it and continue to use it after your initial purchase.


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Conscious Packaging

At Lastrå we take our packaging design as seriously as we do our product designs.  To truly bring about change and reduce the amount of disposable plastics that are going in to the environment, we must take a "cradle to grave" approach to manufacturing.  This means not only producing plastic-free packaging, but also working to eliminate disposable plastics all along the supply chain.  This is a very complicated issue when you get to the root of the problem, one where everyone is involved. 

Plastics are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century.  They have revolutionized the world, raised the quality of living, and saved countless lives.  Here at Lastrå we don't believe "plastics" are the problem, rather our relationship with plastics.  We have lost a very important and necessary respect for this seemingly endless resource. Single use plastics are quickly becoming one of the most destructive forces in our modern world.  This is a Global issue, one where we must all take a long hard look at our own relationships with plastics.  How many times a day do we interact with disposable plastics?  Are we making conscious decisions to reduce disposable plastics?  Are businesses moving away from disposable plastics?  


We believe that beautiful biodegradable packaging is as important to resolving this problem as creating the alternative products that we do.  By producing packaging that is "Art" the chances of consumers using it after its initial intended use is much greater.  Reduce, reuse, and only seek out products that consciously try to use biodegradable packing.  The Future Is NOT Disposable.

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