The telastrå telescope extenders are a fun and inovative way to address many of the issues that our customers have expressed in using metal straws.  Each telastrå set comes with five extender tips.  These tips serve multiple purposes.  For those individuals who do not like the feel of metal on their lips or against their teeth, telastrå has you covered.  Just slip one of the tips on to your straw for the comfort of food grade silicone rubber against your mouth.


Do you drive your friends crazy when using your metal straw because it keeps clinking and clanking against the bottom of your cup or bottle?  Not a problem!  Telastrå has you covered.  Just slip a telastrå on the end of your straw before putting it in to your cup or bottle.  The silicone rubber prevents the grading sounds of metal on metal or glass.


Perhaps you struggle with finding a straw that is the right length to fit in your cup or bottle.  Not a problem, once again telastrå has you covered.  Attach a telastrå to the end of the largest staw in your Lastrå set.  Next simply slide the next size straw through the telastrå tip and Vuioala!  You now have a telescoping straw that allows you to decide the length you want your straw to be!  


Telastrå tips are very easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.  Visit the "cleaning" section of the website to see the easiest ways to clean all the components of your Lastrå set.


Telastrå allows you to be in control of your reusable straw experience.

Telastrå Blue

SKU: 602318746054
Color: Blue
  • Telastrå straw extenders are made of 100% food grade silicone and are the safest flexible food grade product in the market place.  

  • We allow returns of unopened products only.  To request a return please send an email to with a detailed description of why you would like to return your product.  This request must be made within 7 days of product ship date.  We do not cover the cost of initial shipping or return shipping. 

    If you have received the wrong product or if your product is damaged please email with a detailed descriptioin of why you are seeking a refund.  We may require photographs of the product that you have received to verify claims.