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When Lastrå was launched it was always the intention to give back.  The "Give Back" program was launched in 2019 and since its inception we have learned a great deal. The original plan was to hold beach cleanups as well as cleanups in specific bird sanctuaries around the country.  After many discussions with some of these bird sanctuaries we quickly learned that simple cleanup programs don't address the real problem.  These cleanups serve as a very short-term bandaid. Real change can only happen when the problem is addressed head on at the source.  We are excited to announce that the gears are in motion on a very big and exciting project, one that we believe will have a very big impact on the disposable plastics problem in the US.  We will continue to work closely with specific bird sanctuaries and wildlife organizations as we move forward.  Follow Lastrå on Instagram to get updates on the project as it moves forward.  This project is only possible because of your support and purchases of the Lastrå product line and we thank you for that! 

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